Why it makes sense



Typical fee structures use a flat base fee, charge per individual participant, and often have hidden fees or asset charges that add on to the price tag! While MVPkPlan℠ also uses a flat base fee model, the base fee is based upon per every 25 participants vs. each individual participant. Our fees are also monthly based instead of quarterly, helping you better plan for recurring expenses.

Our fees are based on the work we do for you, not the assets you invest - keeping your costs as low as possible. 

Traditional fee structures for 401(k) plans involve collecting or charging annual fees based on your assets. With the MVPkPlan℠, your assets remain entirely yours; we simply bill for the services provided, not an asset based fee for administration services.

We can do this because of the structure of MVPkPlan℠ and the structure of the processes.  Having this structure in place is what we feel is best for the overall operation of your plan and is how we can keep costs low!

For more details, review our pricing.

Business Friendly

MVPkPlan℠ offers all of the perks of an enterprise level plan for large businesses as well for small businesses!

Many times small business owners find the cost of maintaining a retirement plan to be too much to fit their needs.  Additionally, the plan offerings for small businesses are not always comparable to what is available to larger plans, simply due to asset size.  With MVPkPlan℠ small employers can offer the same plan features as large plans for their employees!
Operating a large plan can sometimes be overwhelming due to the amount of work with enrollment, administration, etc.  MVPkPlan℠ offers plan sponsors of large plans proven processes that reduce the amount of time spent on administering  the plan.  Consistency and uniformity usually make most things operate more smoothly, and that that is the key to MVPkPlan℠ - it just makes the operation of the plan easy!

Plan size doesn’t matter – large or small MVPkPlan℠ just fits!

Employee Retention

Sponsoring a plan that produces maximum returns for your employees is a large motivating force and can benefit your overall retention rate long-term. Having a plan that your employees understand and feel they can control provides an even greater return on investment - both to your employees' future and your business’s bottom line.

Employees need to be able to save for retirement and employers need to encourage them.  Often times, employees aren’t engaged or enticed to save because the plan is too difficult to understand.  Many employees are wary of the investments and the hidden fees.

MVPkPlan℠ offers a plan that is easy to understand, and the employees only pay $2.50 per month from their balance – now that’s affordable!  The investments are pre-defined, risk-based models that are completely diversified.  Fees are simply stated, and they are not hidden!


Easy Decision Making

Most retirement plans require upfront knowledge for decision making that can significantly impact the future funds of your employees. We take the pressure off of you by providing a comprehensive plan design, that operates smoothly, and by offering pre-selected, fully-diversified, risk-based investment options.

Sponsors also have the flexibility to elect whether they want to provide employer contributions through either safe harbor, discretionary match, and/or discretionary profit sharing contributions. 

Easy Administration

You won’t have to worry about filling out forms and submitting official paperwork to the IRS - we’ve got that covered. We take care of the legal documentation submission and standard testing so that you’re fully compliant.

Management & Maintenance

MVPkPlan's℠ online portal gives you greater control and keeps costs low by reducing administrative costs. Online management allows you to do the following:

  • Enroll and educate employees
  • Upload census information and pay period contributions
  • Receive email notifications for late or missed contributions
  • Provide for direct IRS withholding reporting and 1099R preparations
  • Provide participants with Investment Diversification
  • Receive Quarterly Reporting
  • Online 401(k) account access for sponsors and participants

Tax Benefits

Employer contributions are tax-deductible! Whether you choose to make a matching contribution, safe harbor or profit sharing contribution you are saving tax dollars and passing the benefits along to your employees. If this is your company’s first 401(k) plan, you may even qualify for a tax credit of up to $500/year for the first three years of enrollment. – Ask your CPA!

MVPkPlan℠ benefits your individual employees as well by contributing pre-taxed dollars that subtract from their personal income tax figures.

As the employer, you may also allow after-tax Roth contributions in the plan and to your employees.  If offered, employees can elect to save in their retirement plan on an after-tax basis. The benefit is the earnings on those contributions are also not taxed when withdrawn!  Some IRS restrictions do apply.  

Anyway you look at it – saving on taxes is important but saving for retirement is even more important - MVPkPlan℠ provides the vehicle to do both!

Seamless Integration

Our online portal makes it easy to enter in payroll and contribution data, making it a seamless way to fund your employees' 401(k) accounts. You don’t have to worry about using multiple platforms; all of your sponsor and individual employee data is contained in the same place with easily downloadable reports and records.

Following our proven processes makes the year-end compliance testing and other plan requirements run smoothly.  We know what it takes to operate a retirement plan smoothly and effectively.  By following our process, will keep your plan operating smoothly and keep your employees happy and confident about their retirement.